Monday, December 29, 2014

I had a Merry Christmas Thanks to ALL..

This week was so much fun! Monday we went to a dinner apt and then when caroling after with the Elders and it was a lot of fun! Tuesday we came home for dinner and when we went to leave I backed out and it felt like something was wrong with my tire and so I got out and it was completely flat! haha so we had to call our zone leaders and they came to change it and it was poring rain and it took them and hour and a half to change my tire! hahaha I felt really bad for them! when we took it to the tire store they found out that I ran over a nail so they just fixed the tire and everything was fine :) On Christmas Eve we went to dinner with the Rodney family then we went to the Bundys house and watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas DVD it was really fun :) they had 2 Recent converts there! On Christmas we opened up all our presents it was so fun! then we went to the Fullers house to Skype and then we went to our dinner apt with a newly married couple and I got to have thanksgiving dinner :) I was happy about that! Then we went to the Pecks for dessert after :) On Saturday we were knocking doors and this lady Nancy answered and she let us come in and she was so sweet! She is in her 70's and she lives alone. She let us teach her and said we could come back and she would feed us lunch :) she is so cute!! So the Elders in our ward recently had a baptism for a girl named Angela and on Sunday she brought her friend Jamaree to church! He is like 25 and he is so awesome, he stayed the whole 3 hours and we talked to him and he asked us to come teach him on Tuesday :) We were so happy! Hopefully we will be able to baptize him! So we have been doing some family history stuff because the family history center is at our building and I found out that someone on my 4 generation fan chart was baptized in 1831 by Oliver Cowdry! that was way cool to find out! Well I just want to thank everyone that sent me something for Christmas! I really appreciate it! have a good week :) Love Sister Leifson :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas

This week has been good, its been a little slow this week...its just hard during the holidays because everyone is out of town visiting family for christmas But on Wednesday we had our Christmas Zone conference and it was so much fun :) we had trainings from President and the AP's then we had a really good dinner lunch from the Relief Society. All the districts were suppose to make up skits that were about 5 minutes long and we did them in front of everyone and ours won out of the whole mission!! :) it was so fun! Then we got to change clothes and play volleyball and dodge ball! Then we got to watch Frozen!! hahah I was shocked! then we got our Christmas packages! The members in my ward and in west hills ward are so nice, last week an inv from west hills gave us Christmas pajamas then when we were leaving church yesterday a Recent Convert that the elders in west hills baptized gave me and sister Johnson a Christmas present too! it was so nice :) I love being a missionary epically around Christmas because people are trying to focus on Jesus Christ a little more than they do the rest of the year and their hearts are a little more open to our message :) We met two really cool investigators this week, Their names are bill and jenny they were former inv and we tried to contact them this week and they welcomed us right in and said that missionaries hadn't been there for about 6 months and they didn't know why they stopped coming... they were very happy to see us :) I am so grateful for this time to be a missionary the blessing are endless and I have learned so much! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas :) Love Sister Leifson :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What a Spiritual Experience

Hey everyone! This week has been so awesome :) so first let me tell you about my new area... we are in downtown Knoxville so like the University of Tennessee is in our area that's really fun :) So downtown is pretty sketchy... there is lots of places that we are not allowed to go so the elders have to go there for us... The streets are super busy and its so scary to drive downtown I hate it haha but my driving skills are definitely improving :) So we were able to get 4 new investigators this week and we got 6 referrals which like never happens. We also taught 12 lessons :) The District leader said that the previous elders didn't teach more than 5 or 7 lessons per week when they were here so we were happy about teaching 12 our first week :) So one of the new investigators we got this week was Adam. he is 34 and single. He doesn't have any religious background so we are starting from the very beginning.. he doesn't have a testimony of Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father so we are starting really slow.. He is really good at keeping commitments tho.. We had to teach him at the church because we didn't have a team up and he came and did a church tour also the west hills ward did a nativity and he came to it! he got to meet lots of people and he really enjoyed it :) The other new investigator we got was Jen. She was a referral from a member that I really love in Pellissippi, Sister Stewart. She saw me and asked where I was serving and I told her Knox 1st ward and so she gave me the name of her cousin jen and told me to go see her. We went and quickly met her and set up a return apt, so when we went back we weren't sure if she was really going to be there and when we walked in she had made us cookies and juice and had everything all set up it was so cute!! We were able to have a really good lesson with her and her husband Walter :) So we have people from west hills that miss us so they just come and take us to lunch so Saturday an investigator Tabitha came and took us to eat then she gave us pajamas for Christmas :) she is so sweet!! Now for the best story of the week.... So on Wednesday we had a half mission conference and Dale G Renlund on the seventy was there and trained us. It was so cool to have him there and be able to learn from a general authority! Well when it was time for lunch everyone got up to go eat and it was just me and my comp and Sister Clark and her comp and we turned around and Elder Renlund was right there and he asked if we would fill out a paper for him and come talk with him! Oh my heck I was so scared! haha so the paper just asked questions about our mission and our family. So just us 4 got to go up one at a time and have a 5 minute interview with him! it was the most awesome experience ever!!! I felt very privileged to be one that he picked to talk with him :) That's about all for this week! i hope you have a good week :) Love Sister Leifson :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sister Leifson and Dwight and Sisters and Elders serving..

Dwight is 80 years old and has been a different Religion all his life.. Linzi taught him about Tithing and he had a Spiritual Experience with it. Keep him in your Prayers that he will be Babtised. She loves him..

Hello everyone:)

This week was so crazy! So since we knew that we were getting transferred we went and said bye to all of our inv. which was really sad :( We weren't suppose to tell anyone that we were just going to the knox 1st ward so the members in west hills were so sad for us to leave, but we knew that we weren't going far and that we would see them at church every week! so we got to our new area and the previous Elders didn't leave us anything... and their area book had not been updated all transfer! I was so mad!! so we pretty much had to start from scratch.. The first few days were really stressful but we have a lot of people in the ward to help us! So this ward is VERY different from West Hills ward... West hills is like a Utah ward, mostly because everyone there has moved from Utah and there is about 150 people at church every week. In Knox 1st they have about 400 people on the roster but there is only like 40 -50 that are active.... We have one inv. that the elders had been working with her name is Christina Rushing and she is really interested in getting baptized, but she is like 9 months pregnant and she is on bed rest so she will need to wait till she has the baby before she is baptized. We are really excited to be in this new ward and to meet the people that are here :) I hope you all have a great week :) Happy Birthday Mom.:) I LOVE YOU. Love Sister Leifson :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This week was really great for us! My Thanksgiving was so much fun! So Thursday morning we went to the turkey bowl... its a big football game. we didn't play but we watched :) Then we went to the Morganeggs and had breakfast with them and the elders at 11 then at 1 we had our first lunch with the standifirds and it was so good! Then we played games with them until 5 when we had our dinner apt with a LA family. Oh my goodness I was so full!! We were suppose to have dinner appts at 11,1,3,and 5 but the 3 had to cancel because their daughter was sick... so after our last dinner we stopped by their house and they had packed up everything they ate and gave it to us for leftovers :) i was so happy!! Thanksgiving is my favorite :) It was a really good day! So some other news we got this week... Wednesday is transfers but President told me that me and my comp were staying. well about 15 minutes before the transfer call he called and told me that he was thinking about doing some switches in our ward/area and wanted my opinion and when i thought the best time would be to switch things up. So we decided that this transfer would be a good time. So me and sister Johnson are both transferring together into the Knox 1st ward :) the funny part is is that right now we meet in the West Hills building so there are 3 wards that meet there. West Hills, Knox 1st and the YSA branch. So we will still get to see people from the west hills ward :) We get to stay in our same apartment and stay together and stay in the same church building we will just be in a different proselyting area and ward! We are really sad to leave our investigators, but we are excited to be in another ward :) It should be really fun! Last thing... the church came out with a new Christmas video called "He is the gift" you can watch it at :) it really tells the true meaning of Christmas! Go watch it then share it on facebook :) I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for all the love and support! Love Sister Leifson :)