Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hello everyone:)

This week was so crazy! So since we knew that we were getting transferred we went and said bye to all of our inv. which was really sad :( We weren't suppose to tell anyone that we were just going to the knox 1st ward so the members in west hills were so sad for us to leave, but we knew that we weren't going far and that we would see them at church every week! so we got to our new area and the previous Elders didn't leave us anything... and their area book had not been updated all transfer! I was so mad!! so we pretty much had to start from scratch.. The first few days were really stressful but we have a lot of people in the ward to help us! So this ward is VERY different from West Hills ward... West hills is like a Utah ward, mostly because everyone there has moved from Utah and there is about 150 people at church every week. In Knox 1st they have about 400 people on the roster but there is only like 40 -50 that are active.... We have one inv. that the elders had been working with her name is Christina Rushing and she is really interested in getting baptized, but she is like 9 months pregnant and she is on bed rest so she will need to wait till she has the baby before she is baptized. We are really excited to be in this new ward and to meet the people that are here :) I hope you all have a great week :) Happy Birthday Mom.:) I LOVE YOU. Love Sister Leifson :)

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