Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here is the Manilla Temple I got to go to a session Beautiful.!!

I'm in Manila

Hello everyone!
So as most of you know im in Manila right now and im staying at a place called the Missionary Recovery Center. Its attached to the Manila MTC so its right across the street from the Manila temple. I flew here on tuesday night and had my first Dr appt on wednesday. The hospital here is called St. Lukes and it is in the top 20 nicest hospitals in the world! it is such a pretty hospital. The doctor ordered a CT scan so i got that done on Friday  and the results showed some enlarged and infected Lymph Nodes on my small intestines. That is usually caused by a bacteria in the body. They put my on some antibiotics but they dont  think that the lymph nodes is my only problem but its definitely adding to my pain. They said that swollen lymph nodes is usually mistaken for appendicitis because of the pain. Tomorrow i have another appt with Dr. Cruz and she will decide what to do next. I wont be going back to Bacolod until they know whats wrong or until i feel better.
I had my birthday here and it was alright haha we took a trip to a national memorial cemetery here in Manila and it was really cool. Then we had cake and ice cream. The people here are so nice. The people who take care of us on saturdays is Jakes boss. Elder Carly haha its such a small world!  Thanks for all the love and prayers.. i have the best friends and family in the world! i will keep you updated when i know what they want me to do. Thank you so much! i love you all :) 
Love Sister Leifson