Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Week in the Philippines..

This week was so great!! We explored our area and decided to spend our time in an area called perok pedring. we have an active member that lives there so she helped us contact people she knew there. We were looking for a house and decided to ask this lady. she wasnt very nice but she helped us. we asked her if we could come to her house and share our message with her and she said yes. the next day we went to find her but we werent sure the house where it was so we stopped at a house and it happened to be her sister in law. they said Lani wasnt home but we could share with her. her name is joy. i committed her to be baptized in the first lesson and she said yes. we met lani the next day and joy joined our lesson. they were so amazing! Last week Lani came to church and this week joy came too. lani is scheduled to be baptized on February 15 :) And joy and her 2 sons on February 22! We have baptisms scheduled our till april right now from just our one area. The people are so receptive to the gospel here its so amazing. We were able to have 7 investigators at church this week it was so fun to see them all there. I love being a missionary because you really see the lords hand in all that you do and you know that this is His work. I have really learned how to rely on the Holy Ghost when i teach because Heavenly Father knows all his children and he knows how to help them, and resolve their concerns. My testimony grows every single day and i love my mission more and more everyday! Thanks for all the love and support i recieve. I have the best family and friends ever! 
Love Sister Leifson 
P.S. When i took my bucket shower this week i had to boil hot water on the stove then put it in the bucket for my shower! hahaha Count your blessings!! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

I love the kids..

Sister Leifson and her friends...going to teach them English :)

Hello Everyone..

Hello everyone! 
Sorry i didnt write last week i didnt have time but i will update you right now! my week was so good! This thursday is my 3 month mark! it has gone by so fast its crazy! We have so many amazing people that we are teaching! One of them is Cherry. she is 19 and has 3 kids and is not married. her grandpa was a former investigator and we went to contact him but he died and we found her! she is amazing.. we gave her a pamphlet about the restoration and when we came back she said " i want to know more about Joseph Smith" so we told her all about him and then we gave her a book of mormon and asked her to start reading, but people usually dont they say they didnt have time, but when we went back she was already at 1 Nephi:7 :) We were seriously so happy! were just trying to get her married so she can get baptized! Also we met a lady named Leah. we accidently went to the wrong house but she let us in anyways. We prayed for her and taught a little bit about prayer. There was a pause in the lesson and i felt like i should ask her if she believes that God answers our prayers and so i did and she just started crying... The spriti was so strong and she said yes and told us a story about her husbands work. after the lesson we asked why she was crying and she said when i asked her that question she felt something different. she said our message really touched her heart! it was so amazing! i love the people here they are so amazing! I wish i had enough time to tell you guys all my stories but it would take way too long. I have been improving with the language.. in one of our lessons i said the opening prayer all in illongo and the investigator said wait how long have you been here? and i said 1 month and she couldnt believe i could speak that good. I was so happy it made my whole day :) I am sending some pictures of some kids i met. The one with all the girls is really funny. we met them on the street and they thought i was so cool because im white and speak english so i told them if we could come to their houses and teach them the gospel i will help them learn english too and they can help me with my illongo! haha that happens alot its really funny. Well i am doing great and loving my mission!! i am so greatful to be here! count your blessings because we are so blessed compared to the people that live here. Thanks for all the love and support!
Love Sister Leifson :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year to ALL.

Happy New Year :) 
So guess what? i got a new companion! transfers werent suppose to be until the 15 but we got a call and President wanted to transfer alot of missionaries.. Sister Foote is now in Bago, I miss her sooo much! But my new companion is Sister Ang, SHES A FILIPINO :) Its so different having a native companion but its good in alot of ways. It was definitely sad leaving sister Foote but i know im going to learn so much from Sister Ang. She has been her for 17 months so yes she goes home next month. She has been Sister Training Leader for most of her mission so she is really great! I really dont like change, but thats what a mission is all about is getting us out of our comfort zone! Since Sister Ang has never been to this area, that means that i have to lead the area. its stressful because i have only been here a month and now i need to know how to get everywhere haha but its okay were both now exploring our area so its good! Also we have a new missionary living in our house and she was a missionary in Tacloban during the storm. She was telling us about her experience there and she literally lost EVERYTHING... I feel so bad, she lost all her pictures, letters, clothes, scriptures like literally everything! I gave her some of my stuff that i had extra of and some of my clothes so hopefully she gets everything she needs. Its so sad to hear about all the devistation first hand of what was happening there. She is such an amazing missionary i love her :) Well thats all for this week I hope everyone had a good new years. Make sure you make some new years resolutions for 2014!! I cant believe its already 2014 its crazy! Thanks for all the love and support, i have the best family ever :) 
Love Sister Leifson :)