Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year to ALL.

Happy New Year :) 
So guess what? i got a new companion! transfers werent suppose to be until the 15 but we got a call and President wanted to transfer alot of missionaries.. Sister Foote is now in Bago, I miss her sooo much! But my new companion is Sister Ang, SHES A FILIPINO :) Its so different having a native companion but its good in alot of ways. It was definitely sad leaving sister Foote but i know im going to learn so much from Sister Ang. She has been her for 17 months so yes she goes home next month. She has been Sister Training Leader for most of her mission so she is really great! I really dont like change, but thats what a mission is all about is getting us out of our comfort zone! Since Sister Ang has never been to this area, that means that i have to lead the area. its stressful because i have only been here a month and now i need to know how to get everywhere haha but its okay were both now exploring our area so its good! Also we have a new missionary living in our house and she was a missionary in Tacloban during the storm. She was telling us about her experience there and she literally lost EVERYTHING... I feel so bad, she lost all her pictures, letters, clothes, scriptures like literally everything! I gave her some of my stuff that i had extra of and some of my clothes so hopefully she gets everything she needs. Its so sad to hear about all the devistation first hand of what was happening there. She is such an amazing missionary i love her :) Well thats all for this week I hope everyone had a good new years. Make sure you make some new years resolutions for 2014!! I cant believe its already 2014 its crazy! Thanks for all the love and support, i have the best family ever :) 
Love Sister Leifson :) 

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