Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Everyone..

Hello everyone! 
Sorry i didnt write last week i didnt have time but i will update you right now! my week was so good! This thursday is my 3 month mark! it has gone by so fast its crazy! We have so many amazing people that we are teaching! One of them is Cherry. she is 19 and has 3 kids and is not married. her grandpa was a former investigator and we went to contact him but he died and we found her! she is amazing.. we gave her a pamphlet about the restoration and when we came back she said " i want to know more about Joseph Smith" so we told her all about him and then we gave her a book of mormon and asked her to start reading, but people usually dont they say they didnt have time, but when we went back she was already at 1 Nephi:7 :) We were seriously so happy! were just trying to get her married so she can get baptized! Also we met a lady named Leah. we accidently went to the wrong house but she let us in anyways. We prayed for her and taught a little bit about prayer. There was a pause in the lesson and i felt like i should ask her if she believes that God answers our prayers and so i did and she just started crying... The spriti was so strong and she said yes and told us a story about her husbands work. after the lesson we asked why she was crying and she said when i asked her that question she felt something different. she said our message really touched her heart! it was so amazing! i love the people here they are so amazing! I wish i had enough time to tell you guys all my stories but it would take way too long. I have been improving with the language.. in one of our lessons i said the opening prayer all in illongo and the investigator said wait how long have you been here? and i said 1 month and she couldnt believe i could speak that good. I was so happy it made my whole day :) I am sending some pictures of some kids i met. The one with all the girls is really funny. we met them on the street and they thought i was so cool because im white and speak english so i told them if we could come to their houses and teach them the gospel i will help them learn english too and they can help me with my illongo! haha that happens alot its really funny. Well i am doing great and loving my mission!! i am so greatful to be here! count your blessings because we are so blessed compared to the people that live here. Thanks for all the love and support!
Love Sister Leifson :)

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