Thursday, June 26, 2014

Transfer WEEK

So this week was transfers! I was so sad for sister sellers to go but we were expecting it. I am with two new companions.. Sister Gotchy is from Utah like Salt Lake area and she goes home in 2 transfers.. so 12 weeks. And Sister Fox. She is from Alpine and she goes home in 1 transfer so 6 weeks :( President is having them train me to train a brand new missionary from the MTC :) so when sister Fox leaves me and sister gotchy might train for 1 transfer together till she geos home or I will get to train after both of them leave! And guess what...... IM THE DRIVER! you all know how bad of a driver I am so now imagine me in a different state that I have never drove in before... ya its awful! But im sure it will be fine! Its just preparing me to train :) This transfer is going to be awesome because these sisters just want to work really hard and have lots of success the last couple weeks of their missions so it will be really good! Its nice to have a change :) Our area is doing so good right now! We had 4 investigators at church again and we had a less active return! it was so awesome! David and Bethany are doing great! We are shooting for July 5th for him but were not sure yet with her. They have been to church for 6 weeks in a row! They are awesome! We have another investigator Amber who is preparing for baptism as well and we just found a part member family that has 2 kids that haven't been baptized so hopefully we can start teaching them! I think I am going to be in this area for a while and im so glad! I love it here!! We get a new mission president on July 1st. This will be mission president #3 for me but im so excited! And im pretty sure were getting I Pads!! :) That will be the best thing ever! Well that's about all for this week. Pray that I will become a good driver! haha Congrats to Leslie and Landon on their wedding!! so sad I wasn't there! But I loved the video from the bridesmaids :) it made my whole day!! :) I hope you all have a good week!
Love Sister Leifson :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Leslie my Favorite Cousin is getting married

 got your wedding invite!!!! it was so cute!! im so sad im not going to be there.. but please send lots of pictures! :)
I love you!! :) 

9 Month Mark

This week was great! We taught David and Bethany and David wants to get baptized the first weekend in July and Bethany is not quite ready yet! But we have only been teaching them for a month so they are moving really fast so we feel good about them waiting till July! Just keep praying for them :) They have been to Church 5 times in a row! they are great! Yesterday we had 4 investigators at Church and 3 Less actives that haven't been in the last 6 months! it was awesome :) I love this ward so much! So big news for the week....... Its transfers on Wednesday and Sister Sellers is leaving and im getting TWO new companions!!! I really really really dislike trios but I don't really have a choice haha trios are definitely the test of my mission considering this is my 3rd one.. Hopefully it goes good tho! Im excited to see who they will be! Im a little nervous to lead this area because Im awful with directions and I don't know how to get anywhere but im sure we will be fine! haha I just am hoping and praying that I don't have to drive! So this week we had our exit interview interviews with President and Sister Irion because they are leaving on July 1st :( im gonna miss them so much! This will be Mission President #3 so I think I will be fine! haha We got to watch a slide show of pictures of President and Sister Griffin and they look so nice! They are bringing 3 daughters with them! They are 8, 13 and 16! Other than that things here are going great! I hope I stay in this area for a long time! I love Tennessee :) Oh funny story... this week it was raining really hard and we were leaving our recent converts house and she lives in a trailer and there was like 4 wooden stairs and I took one step and didn't realize how slippery they were and slid down all four stairs!! My skirt was covered in mud and I have a huge bruise on my butt! it hurt so bad haha but it was pretty funny! I hope everyone had a happy fathers day! :) I love you all :)
Love Sister Leifson :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kinda Late

Hey everyone!
This week was really great! We actually didn't get the chance to teach David and Bethany this week because we were too busy and so were they.. but they were able to rely on help from the ward and not just the missionaries! Bethany has been super sick so they asked two members of the ward to go over and give her a Priesthood blessing and I guess it went really good and the Spirit was really strong! She has had some doubts about the joining the church but this blessing really softened her heart! David came to church yesterday without her.. he is doing so good! He needed to be done smoking by last Saturday to be baptized this Saturday but we hadn't seen him to ask him how it was going and when he got to church he said he hadn't had a cigarette since last Thursday!! :) We were so happy! We really hope he goes thru with the baptism on Saturday and hopefully Bethany too :) Bethany is taking her test to get into law school today so please pray that she does good!! Also this week we had a missionary musical fireside at the church. our building has 3 wards that meet there so we did it tri ward! It turned out so good!! We had 6 investigators come and 3 less actives! it was awesome :) President Irion took lots of pictures so watch for them on Facebook! We also got another new investigator this week! He is our ward mission leaders daughters boyfriend! His name is Chris and he is super interested in the church! And the girlfriend has been less active for a while so hopefully we can re activate her :) usually we don't do very much service, but there is one family they are really old and we do service for them about once a week so this week we went and they were having us clean out one of their rooms so the step mom could move in so we did that. But they have a lot of yard work to do like when you walk up the sidewalk to their porch you literally have to step over weeds and bend down so you can get thru them all.. it was ridiculous! you couldn't even see their front door and ever since I went there for the first time I have wanted to clean it up for them but they would never let us so this week we just did it anyways! It took us about 2 hours.. their whole driveway was filled with the weeds and trees we cut down! And there was poison ivy everywhere! but luckly I didn't get any on me :) Well that's about all for this week! we find out about transfers on Saturday and were pretty sure sister sellers is getting transferred so I will be getting a new companion! im going to miss sister sellers! I love her :) Well I hope everyone is having a good summer :) Thanks for all the love and support!
Love  Sister Leifson :

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sister Leifson and Sister Seller helping with a Wedding.

I Love Tennessee

Hey Everyone!
So this week was great! David and Bethany took us to dinner in downtown Knoxville! it was so much fun :) we got to talk to them on more of a personal level and it was great! David told us he wants to be baptized on June 14 so that's what were shooting for :) Bethany is moving a little slower but hopefully she will be ready to be baptized that day too :) They have been to church 3 times now and they have met so many great people in our ward! Last week I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I got to go to downtown Knoxville for the day it was so fun! only problem was that the sister that went to my area with sister sellers took the car keys with her so we literally had to walk everywhere the whole day!! it was awful haha but I got a really nice tan ;) This week we are having a missionary musical fireside! Its for all members, non members or investigators and its going to be really neat! its all musical numbers by the missionaries im so excited! Well that's about all for the week! I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support! I have the best family ever :)
Love Sister Leifson :)