Thursday, June 26, 2014

Transfer WEEK

So this week was transfers! I was so sad for sister sellers to go but we were expecting it. I am with two new companions.. Sister Gotchy is from Utah like Salt Lake area and she goes home in 2 transfers.. so 12 weeks. And Sister Fox. She is from Alpine and she goes home in 1 transfer so 6 weeks :( President is having them train me to train a brand new missionary from the MTC :) so when sister Fox leaves me and sister gotchy might train for 1 transfer together till she geos home or I will get to train after both of them leave! And guess what...... IM THE DRIVER! you all know how bad of a driver I am so now imagine me in a different state that I have never drove in before... ya its awful! But im sure it will be fine! Its just preparing me to train :) This transfer is going to be awesome because these sisters just want to work really hard and have lots of success the last couple weeks of their missions so it will be really good! Its nice to have a change :) Our area is doing so good right now! We had 4 investigators at church again and we had a less active return! it was so awesome! David and Bethany are doing great! We are shooting for July 5th for him but were not sure yet with her. They have been to church for 6 weeks in a row! They are awesome! We have another investigator Amber who is preparing for baptism as well and we just found a part member family that has 2 kids that haven't been baptized so hopefully we can start teaching them! I think I am going to be in this area for a while and im so glad! I love it here!! We get a new mission president on July 1st. This will be mission president #3 for me but im so excited! And im pretty sure were getting I Pads!! :) That will be the best thing ever! Well that's about all for this week. Pray that I will become a good driver! haha Congrats to Leslie and Landon on their wedding!! so sad I wasn't there! But I loved the video from the bridesmaids :) it made my whole day!! :) I hope you all have a good week!
Love Sister Leifson :)

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