Friday, July 4, 2014


Hey everyone!
This week was great! Our area is really progressing! So we set some higher goals for our area this week and we were able to achieve them all! we usually have 4 investigators at church but we decided to raise it to 5. We got to church and we had David and Bethany and Amber and Christian  like normal, then 2 investigators showed up that have only been to church 2 times in the last like 5 years! We see them once a week they just don't want to change religions but they have been really good friends with some of the ward members and they just decided to come! so we were able to have 6 :) it was so awesome!!! I was really shocked! We got 2 new investigators this week as well. One of our Recent converts has a step brother that wanted to hear the discussions so we went over and he was really receptive! We committed him to be baptized in a couple weeks! We also got a part member family that we committed to be baptized in August! This area is just so great! And my companions are awesome :) I love them so much im sad they are leaving soon... So the best news of the week... David's baptism is set for this Saturday at 4:00 :) IM SO EXCITED!!!!! I cant wait :) Funny story for the week... Our LA has a huge Great Pyrenees dog, ( Im not even sure if that's right..) but its HUGE and its only 6 months old so it thinks its a puppy. When he jumps up on me he reaches my shoulders hahah hes like a bear! he weighs 200 lbs. so we went there for dinner and she had him locked in her bedroom in the bathroom but we wanted to go see him so we went up to her room and we thought he wouldn't be able to see us but when we went in there was just like a baby gate keeping him in the bathroom so he saw us and got so excited and jumped over the gate!! Well Sister Fox was scared and she ran out of the bedroom and shut the door and left me and Sister Gotchy in there with him! hahahaha he was jumping off the bed onto us and like trying to play but I couldn't keep him down because I was laughing too hard! i was literally crying because i was laughing so hard! then her husband came in and got a hold of him so we could get out! it was so funny!! i wish i could have recorded that moment! good times :) We had a farewell for President and Sister Irion and we sang at it! im sad for them to go.. We will be meeting President Griffin on Friday :) Well that's about all for this week. Hope you all have a great week!!
Love Sister Leifson

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