Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This week was really great for us! My Thanksgiving was so much fun! So Thursday morning we went to the turkey bowl... its a big football game. we didn't play but we watched :) Then we went to the Morganeggs and had breakfast with them and the elders at 11 then at 1 we had our first lunch with the standifirds and it was so good! Then we played games with them until 5 when we had our dinner apt with a LA family. Oh my goodness I was so full!! We were suppose to have dinner appts at 11,1,3,and 5 but the 3 had to cancel because their daughter was sick... so after our last dinner we stopped by their house and they had packed up everything they ate and gave it to us for leftovers :) i was so happy!! Thanksgiving is my favorite :) It was a really good day! So some other news we got this week... Wednesday is transfers but President told me that me and my comp were staying. well about 15 minutes before the transfer call he called and told me that he was thinking about doing some switches in our ward/area and wanted my opinion and when i thought the best time would be to switch things up. So we decided that this transfer would be a good time. So me and sister Johnson are both transferring together into the Knox 1st ward :) the funny part is is that right now we meet in the West Hills building so there are 3 wards that meet there. West Hills, Knox 1st and the YSA branch. So we will still get to see people from the west hills ward :) We get to stay in our same apartment and stay together and stay in the same church building we will just be in a different proselyting area and ward! We are really sad to leave our investigators, but we are excited to be in another ward :) It should be really fun! Last thing... the church came out with a new Christmas video called "He is the gift" you can watch it at :) it really tells the true meaning of Christmas! Go watch it then share it on facebook :) I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for all the love and support! Love Sister Leifson :)

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