Monday, November 24, 2014

Best Week Ever!!

This week was so great!!! So we are still teaching Dwight and he is the 80 yr old. He is really progressing! Cool story that happened with him this week... we went to teach him and he said he had a concern with paying tithing but we hadn't even taught tithing yet.. he said that he was really low on money and wouldn't be able to pay if he was a member. he sells trusts and he said that work was going really slow and that he hadn't sold a trust since may and he really needed money.. he told us he had $100 in one account and $3 in the other. Well that day we taught him about tithing and the blessing that come from it. We went back a few days later and he said " I am seeing so many blessing from you guys coming here.. I haven't sold a trust since may and I just sold 3 this week, so now I have enough money to pay my bills and go visit my daughter for the holidays" :) he was so excited!! Also this week we had stake conference! and guess what..... MY Recent convert David Thompson Spoke!!!!!!! it was so cool :) he talked about the pivotal moment of his conversion and he told the story of me and my comp coming to his house and then when he received a testimony that Joseph smith was a prophet and how he called us at the library :) he also talked about how right now is still a pivotal moment in his conversion because every decision he makes effects his progression in the church! he is so awesome!! I was so excited to see him :) Also at stake conference President Griffin spoke ans during his talk he had all the missionaries that were there go up to the front of the chapel and he bore his testimony of missionary work and how we are here to help the members with the work and the spirit was so strong it was awesome!! I love President Griffin :) We are excited for thanksgiving!! We already have 3 dinner appts set up :) I love thanksgiving dinner!! im so excited :) I hope you all have a good week and a Happy Thanksgiving :)Love Sister Leifson:)

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