Monday, November 17, 2014

What a great 2 weeks :)

These past 2 week have been great :) Me and my comp are having so much fun out here! She is doing so good and we have been seeing a lot of success! So right now we have 5 people on date for baptism for Dec 6!! Now most likely they will get moved around a little bit but we are really hoping to help these people get baptized! Dwight is the 80 yr old that goes to the Presbyterian church and he has made so much progress lately! He still hasn't came to church but he will soon :) We had a really awesome lesson with him on Friday and I was really bold but loving with him and told him that our message is urgent and that it is really important that he prays to know if its true and at the end of the lesson he prayed and said " god I know this church has something that no other church has, and I want it... please help me to have the faith to leave my church and join theirs." it was so awesome!! He loves the Book of Mormon and he knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet he is just scared to leave the church that he has been going to for 80 years. Pray for him!! Also our other date is for Whitney. She has 3 kids and she is a single mom. She loves the Book of Mormon as well and she is so receptive to what we teach her. She will hopefully come to church next week! Roy the less active that came to church is doing great! The elders quorum went and visited him on Wednesday and he was really excited to have them there! They had a really good lesson with him :) He is out of town every other weekend but he wants to come to church when he is in town! We have been finding a lot of new people to teach and the work seems to be moving forward! So I got a new nick name out here haha everyone calls me mom! I must just have like a motherly side to me or something but its really funny. everyone tells me im going to be a good mom one day :)Just like My Mom:) but that's about all the exciting news for the week! Things are going great :) I have learned so much on my mission so far.. especially how important it is to follow the Spirit in all things. Its such a blessing to be an instrument in the Lords hands to help him with his work! I love my mission and I have learned so much! this has been such an amazing experience :) Thanks for all your love and support :) Love Sister Leifson

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