Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I love my Mission

This week was a good week! Oh my gosh I just love my companion! She is so excited about the work and she just makes it so fun :) I have gotten along better with her than I have any of my other companions! Im so excited to be here with her until January. So our investigators are doing good! they all just have a problem of not coming to church so we are working on that. I was on exchanges on Wednesday and we were able to talk to a lot of new people and set up a lot of return appointments :) We also got 4 media referrals this week that were actually interested :) So we will hopefully be able to start teaching them soon! So we have a LA who is 93 and she cant come to church because of her health and she has a care taker Tabitha that lives with her that is from Kenya and she is a strong southern Baptist but she sits in on all of our lessons with Sister Honacker and last Sunday Tabitha actually came to church with us! :) I was so happy! and then she asked if she could take me and sister Johnson to lunch on Saturday and she asked us a lot of questions and stuff. We really hope to start teaching her :) On Halloween we had to be inside the church at 4pm so all of the missionaries in the area when to the stake center and played games and stuff it was really fun :) The LA Roy that we met last week texted us yesterday and told us that he wanted to feed us dinner, but he is single so we couldn't go to his house so he said just meet me at Texas Roadhouse at 7 on Tuesday :) we are so excited!! Things are going great here in Tennessee! I am having so much fun :) I have learned so much and have been able to strengthen my testimony of a lot of things that I didn't really understand before! Im so grateful for this experience :) Thanks for all your love and support! Love Sister Leifson :

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