Monday, December 29, 2014

I had a Merry Christmas Thanks to ALL..

This week was so much fun! Monday we went to a dinner apt and then when caroling after with the Elders and it was a lot of fun! Tuesday we came home for dinner and when we went to leave I backed out and it felt like something was wrong with my tire and so I got out and it was completely flat! haha so we had to call our zone leaders and they came to change it and it was poring rain and it took them and hour and a half to change my tire! hahaha I felt really bad for them! when we took it to the tire store they found out that I ran over a nail so they just fixed the tire and everything was fine :) On Christmas Eve we went to dinner with the Rodney family then we went to the Bundys house and watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas DVD it was really fun :) they had 2 Recent converts there! On Christmas we opened up all our presents it was so fun! then we went to the Fullers house to Skype and then we went to our dinner apt with a newly married couple and I got to have thanksgiving dinner :) I was happy about that! Then we went to the Pecks for dessert after :) On Saturday we were knocking doors and this lady Nancy answered and she let us come in and she was so sweet! She is in her 70's and she lives alone. She let us teach her and said we could come back and she would feed us lunch :) she is so cute!! So the Elders in our ward recently had a baptism for a girl named Angela and on Sunday she brought her friend Jamaree to church! He is like 25 and he is so awesome, he stayed the whole 3 hours and we talked to him and he asked us to come teach him on Tuesday :) We were so happy! Hopefully we will be able to baptize him! So we have been doing some family history stuff because the family history center is at our building and I found out that someone on my 4 generation fan chart was baptized in 1831 by Oliver Cowdry! that was way cool to find out! Well I just want to thank everyone that sent me something for Christmas! I really appreciate it! have a good week :) Love Sister Leifson :)

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