Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year :)

Can you believe its 2015?!? I received some cool news this week... So when I was in pellissippi we started teaching a girl named Amber. She is in her late 20's and she was living with one our inactive members. Well we were the first ones to start teaching her and she was really interested, but she was living with a man and they didn't have plans to get married anytime soon. We kept teaching her and then I left. This next sisters taught her for a couple months and then she decided to move out so she could get baptized. Well she moved to Maryville in Dec and the elders there baptized her on December 20th :) In my mission if you taught someone or you were the first missionaries to teach someone you get a letter from the mission president informing you of their baptism. So this week I got the letter for Amber and I was so happy to hear that she was baptized!! :) So last week I told you about Jamaree... We had a really awesome lesson with him. He felt open to ask questions and he is really searching for truth. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes and we gave him a baptism date of January 24. Well we set up an apt to teach him 2 days later and he called us a few hours before and told us that he just didn't think it was right and that he was experiencing a lot of opposition from the adversary. We were so sad when he told us that! he said we could still come back and teach but he is just not sure if it is the right decision for him. Since it was fast Sunday our district all fasted for him that we would be able to still help him progress in the gospel. Please pray for him! We had a cool experience with a member in our ward. Her name is Sister Mullins and she was recently diagnosed with cancer. She hasn't been able to attend church because she is so sick. Well we started visiting her and she mentioned that she is the only one in her family that is a member. Her and her husband were divorced and they have 4 kids that are between 27 and 18. As we were talking with her she expressed her desire for them to join the church, but she also shared that their father is very anti Mormon and he told them he would disown them if they ever joined the church. when her 18 yr old son was 14 and he was one day away from being baptized and the dad wouldn't let it happen. She knows they would join if it wasn't for their dad. Well as we were there she had the idea to send in a referral so that the missionaries would go visit her ex husband.. before we left she mentioned that every Wednesday she has all of her kids over for dinner and she invited us to come over and meet them! we are so excited! We have been praying so hard that her ex husbands heart will be softened so that we can teach her kids! Pray for her as well she is such an amazing lady! The bad news of the week is that this is my 3rd cold just this transfer! I never got sick before and I even got a flu shot which I think made me more sick... I am just barley getting over it now... not fun... Well I hope you all have a good week! Love Sister Leifson :)

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