Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hello everyone! So this week is transfers and unfortunately im getting transferred on Wednesday :( Im really sad because I expected to be in this area for at least 6 months... Sister Gotchy will be taking over my area for 6 more weeks until she goes home then her companion will take over the area. I was really hoping to stay till after sister Gotchy left.. but the Lord must have other plans for me! So since we got a new mission president he wants to change everything up, we are really close with our District leader so we got to listen to the conference call when they say everyone that's transferring and there is 68 companionships getting moved around!! That's so many! They said that 75% of the mission is changing this transfer! Im sure it will be good tho.. President Griffin is so awesome! So there is a lot of possibilities of where I could get transferred to... My mission covers parts of 4 surrounding states... Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee So I could end up in any of those places!! Im really hoping to go to Chattanooga (Where Judds tow truck is made) haha it sounds weird but I want to go there so bad! There is a part of downtown Chatt that is really dangerous tho.. where the projects are and lots of shootings and stuff but I would be fine there! Im really sad to leave this area because I love the people here so much! Im really sad to have to say bye to David and Bethany but I will come back when im done with my mission so its fine! Other than my bad news about transfers this week was really good! We were able to teach a lot of people! I really hope I don't have to drive in my next area... I have done better than I thought but its still scary. Also I have already locked the keys in the car twice since I started driving! hahah :) Elder Hunt is one of our Senior couples and He served his first mission when he was young in the Philippines, then him and his wife got called to the Philippines for their first couples mission! So we have been close since I first got here, I love him so much! he told me he would take me back to the Philippines whenever I wanted to go :) They live in Bountiful so he mentioned they might come see you mom :) They go home on August 5 Im so sad!! :( Well that's about all for this week.. I will let you know next week where I got transferred too :) Hope you have a good week!
Love Sister Leifson :)

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