Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 24th everyone..

We had a really successful week this week! We taught 24 lessons! That's the most I have taught since I have been in Tennessee :) On Monday for P day we went bowling and President Griffins two daughters came with us.. they are so cute! Then we had a Family Home Evening with David and Bethany it was so fun :) We have an investigator named Karen and she is 91 but looks like she is 70. She lives at an assisted living place and we see her every Tuesday at 4 :) She is an artist so she painted me this really pretty painting.. I love her!! She is catholic and has had 2 children die so we were able to teach her about the plan of salvation and I told her that its hard when people we love pass away and I told her about dad. I told her that she would see her son and daughter again and she looked at me and said "how do you know that for sure? Can you help me know? and we were able to testify to her and help her know that for herself. We also found 2 investigators this week and one of them dated a Mormon and he has been to Provo and seen the temple.. He is pretty willing to listen to our lessons :) On Friday we were at the Mission Office and Sister hunt said.. "Pellissippi sisters you are going to be getting an exciting phone call in a minute.. You are going to have a golden opportunity.." she told us that the Nashville Mission President was going to be calling us. He called and told us that there is a golden investigator that was living in Nashville and the Elders had been teaching him and that he had committed to be baptized and had gotten the first few lessons, but he was moving to the Pellissippi ward :) He told us how great this guy is and that we CANNOT let him fall thru the cracks because he is ready for baptism :) His name is Will and he is 22. He will be moving in with his mom tomorrow! We are so excited to meet him!! Hopefully he will get baptized soon :) David got the Priesthood yesterday :) And Bethany passed her test to get into Law School!!!!! :) :) :) Things are going so good with them! Transfers are next Wednesday. Sister Fox will be going home :( But I think me and Sister Gotchy will be training so im excited about that :) This Saturday we are going to this Fair and the church got a booth and we have people answer 4 questions about like religion and then they put their info on it (name and address) and if they take the survey they get a free picture of Christ. They did this in Oak Ridge area and they got 67 referrals for people to teach! were so excited!! :) Well that's about all for this week.. Hope you are all doing well :)
Love Sister Leifson :)

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