Monday, May 19, 2014

6 down 12 more to go :)

Hello everyone!
wow this week was beyond amazing! First of all.. it was the middle of the day and our dinner apt cancelled and we were at a less actives house and there was a moving truck across the street and there was 5 black guys and one white guy standing outside and they were all staring at us and then all of a sudden we hear "Sisters!" and the white guys comes running across the street to talk to us. Come to find out he is in the YSA ward! we talked to him for a minute and he said.. do you have a dinner apt tonight and we said no they just cancelled and he reaches into his wallet and says well then i will pay for your dinner and gave us $25.. so we treated ourselves to Olive Garden haha :) So as missionaries we get media referrals.. meaning people get on and they can put any ones name and address and request that the missionaries go visit them. So we get a text about it from the mission office and we go contact the person. The only problem is lots of times people just put like random neighbors and stuff but don't tell the person they put them on there, so we get to their house and they say " I don't know why someone put my info on there.. im not interested" then they tell us not to come back. So this week we got 3 media referrals. And all three of them were not interested! on the third one we went to we had been texting him and set up a good time and he seemed really nice so we got there and he came to the door and he was 16 and he started to laugh and said "oh my friends at school thought it would be finny to put my info on there and see if you guys would really come!" I WAS SO MAD!!!! So after that i said to sis sellers.. i don't want anymore media referrals i hate them haha so its Saturday and our 5:00canceled and we didn't have out dinner apt till 6 and we were literally parked on the side of the road trying to figure out where we should go and we get a call from the elders in our district and they said sisters what are you doing at 6:30? and we told them we had a dinner but we  could try to move it up.. and they said there is a man named David who has been on chatting with the missionaries and he said he wants to come to church tomorrow but wants some missionaries to come tell him what to expect at church! WOW! that literally never happens! so they said he is in your area and wants you to come at 6:30 so we ate dinner super fast and got to his house and it was him and his wife and they have been married for 3 years. He is a radio host and he said that Glen Beck was on his show and he found out he was Mormon so he decided to look into the LDS church :) Neither him or his wife have a religion right now but they wanted to see what our church was all about. So were getting to know them and stuff and we invite them to be baptized and the wife Bethany says "oh will the baptism happen tomorrow at church?" hahah we told them we had a couple lessons we wanted to teach them first and then when they are ready they could be baptized. They asked us to start lesson one so we did. They agreed with everything and they were so receptive. Then before we even got to the part about the BOM she said "Do you have a BOM i could have? We have been wanting to read it!"  oh my gosh! i was dying! i have never had this golden of a referral before.. not even in the Philippines!! So we taught about the BOM and gave them 3 Nephi 11 to read and told them we would see them at church. Sunday came and they were there and so excited! They stayed the whole 3 hours and met so many ward members! it was awesome :) We are having dinner with them tonight and were going to teach plan of salvation. We are going to give them a date of May 31 to be baptized :) If not it will be June 7 :) Were so excited about them!! It really goes to show that the lord prepares people everywhere! It had absolutely nothing to so with me and sister sellers.. it was all on the lords time and when he wanted them to receive the gospel. Im just so grateful that i get to be a part of it :) It has strengthened my testimony so much that this really is the Lords work and his hand is in all that we do :)
I hope you all have a good week! thanks for all the love and support! Happy Birthday Boston :)
Love Sister Leifson :)

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