Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An Amazing week

So this week was great! I mentioned we got to teach the Plan of Salvation to David and Bethany and they loved it! We taught them again on Saturday about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really good! They came to church again and they really like the people and the teachings of our church. They asked us to come over again last night and we taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. We found out they smoke... and she drinks coffee but the good news is... They had heard about the Word of Wisdom before we taught it when they were looking into the church and they already have been trying to stop! I was really surprised! We were scared to teach it because we knew that would be a hard thing for them to quit but they had already started trying to quit :) We told them they need to be free of the vices 1 week before their baptism and Bethany said well... it will be hard but the reward will be worth it" They are so great!! We had them download the LDS app on their phone so they could watch conference talks and stuff so then he got on his tv and he has something called roku and it has different channels and stuff and come to find out it has an LDS channel haha so he got it and when we got there they were watching conference on their tv! it was so cute :) We are going to see them again on Thursday and then they offered to take us to downtown Knoxville to go to dinner on Friday :)  Previously David has had a hard time with the story about Joseph Smith and he wants to believe but he just hadn't quite gained a testimony of it yet.. So last night when were were there we talked a little bit more about it and we have just been praying that he would get that testimony. So as they were watching the conference talks I told him how much I loved Elder Holland and that he should listen to a talk from him so I guess after we left he watched a talk from him about believeing and it really hit him. Literally just barley while we were at the library I got a call and I answered but we didn't have his number and he didn't have ours because we just had Bethanys so he didn't know it was us and he said "hi my name is David and I have been meeting with the sister missionaries and I have had a hard time believing the story about Joseph smith but I just wanted to call and say that last night I received a testimony that he was a true prophet and I just needed to tell someone before satan could tell me differently! I don't know who this is but thanks for listening to me." and I said David its Sister Leifson!! and he just started to cry and said I have been trying to call someone for an hour and I was just about to call the Nashville Temple and tell someone there!! I started bawling!! in the middle of the library! I am so happy that he finally received that testimony! We talked for a while and then he said please pray for me because I feel like I have a target on my back and satan wants me more than ever! Please pray for them!!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love Sister Leifson :)

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