Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I love my Mission..

I cant believe another week is already past! This week was transfer week so it was a little crazy! On Wednesday we picked up our new companion. her name is sister behunin and she is from bountiful. She has been out for 9 months.. She will just be with us this transfer! It was fun to get to go to Knoxville for the transfer meeting :) i love Knoxville! Things this week have been going really good. So Arlene is doing great! Bishop Adler told us that he has known her for 8 years and she was never interested in talking the lessons or anything, but she finally let us start teaching her a couple weeks ago. This week we taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she had mentioned that she drinks tea (along with everyone else in the south) and she drinks coffee. Well we taught her about it and she accepted it as a commandment from God and told us that she would stop this week :) she is so awesome! So the oldest golden boy is Phillip and he is almost 12. He amazes us everytime we teach because of how much he knows about the gospel. He was not raised coming to church, he just recently these past 2 months has came to church. In the middle of our lesson we asked him if he knew what Redeemer meant and he told us a perfect answer and he knew the definition of resurrection and pre earth life and so many other things that we havent taught him yet and he for sure isnt getting taught it at home. He was sitting in on our lesson with Arlene and he told us the whole story of Adam and Eve. We asked him who taught him that and he said well no one but im sure i was taught it before i came here like in heaven with God and Jesus... i almost died! i could not believe he knew so much..Bishop Adler brought him to a session of General Conference at the church and he watched the whole time. While we were at that lesson with Arlene he quoted a talk from the session he watched!! He will probably be the first one to get baptized and it will hopefully be this transfer! We love teaching them so much! Exciting news... George went to the temple this past weekend to do baptisms!! :) He loved it so much :) The same couple that fellowshipped him and baptized him took him to the temple so Brother Lusk got to baptize him in the temple as well :) Sister Beckstead had some family names so she gave them to George to do. He is so great! He came on a team up with us yesterday to teach some investigators and he loved it! He goes home teaching with the ward mission leader every other thursday. Also yesterday he got interviewed to get his patriarchal blessing! :) he is doing so great!! im so grateful for the opportunity to help others come unto christ! its so rewarding! my mission has definitely been the hardest thing i have ever done, but it has taught me so much! i can truly say that i am converted to this gospel. I thought before my mission that i knew these things that i am teaching, but now i can say that i really believe them! I hope you all have a good week!! Love Sister Leifson

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