Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1 More Month :(

This week was so busy! So on Tuesday we had our Missionary leadership meeting in knoxville! its for the Zone leaders and the sister training leaders so there was 20 of us there. We left at 9 and got there for the meeting at 12. We had an all day meeting till 6 then we went to Presidents house and sister griffin made us dinner :) We got home about 11 so that was a really long day! Our other companion isnt in leadership so we had to take her to Asheville to stay with the sisters there over night till wednesday. So friday was our zone meeting so we didnt have much time to prepare, but it went really good! We trained with the zone leaders about working with members. after zone meeting on Friday, George met us in Asheville and he took us to a Japanese steak house where they cook your food in front of you :) its our favorite place to go and anytime we are in asheville george takes us there haha so this time the guy cooking our food recognized us and knew what church we were from and he was like hey i went to that church when i lived over in Knoxville. I went to the West Hills building! (thats where i served for 6 months!!) this was a few years ago so i wouldnt have been there, but he said that he was about to get baptized and mom wouldnt let him. So i said would she let you get baptized now? and he thought about it for a minute and he was like well im old enough now she doesnt really have a say anymore! so we gave him the address to the church in asheville and the sisters number and he said he would try to go this week! he was really awesome! So we came back from dinner and our Ward mission leader set up a ward movie night to watch meet the mormons so we went to that! A recent convert family brought a friend named jade she is 15 so we talked to her and she said that she doesnt have a church she goes to or anything so we took her on a tour of the church and she came to church yesterday and brought another friend with her!!! We were so happy to see them! Also another one of our Investigators Walker came to church :) So for the miracle of the week.... On Monday we were at Walmart and we were checking out and i see this hyspanic guy with a BYU shirt on.. which never happens out here haha so when he looked over i waved to him to get his attention and he yells across the store "you look pretty!" haha that was super awkward so i was like are you a BYU fan? and he told us that his daughter has been going to BYU for 2 years. He said its a mormon school and i was like ya were mormons and he was like where is your church so we told him and invited him to come. We exchanged info and we didnt think anything would really happen. Well Sunday morning were greeting people at church he came walking in with his daughter, niece and sister!! i thought i was going to die!! haha i was so happy to see him there!! the ward really welcomed them and everyone loved him! His name is Nerio. He says he is catholic, but he wants to come to church next week too :) That was the high light of my week! :) One more cool thing that happened was we met a lady named Ginger while tracting a few weeks ago and she said we could maybe come back sometime. Well i was thinking alot about her because i felt like i knew her, or had met her before and i really wanted to teach her. So we went back on Saturday and she let us in and told us that she had met with boy missionaries about 10 years ago and that she really liked what they taught. she agreed to let us start teaching her and her family again :) The work is really going great out here! i love this area so much! This is definitely the Lords work and its so amazing to be an instrument in his hands :) I hope you all have a great week! Love Sister Leifson :)

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