Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Im In North Carolina

This week has been so much fun! So i am settled into my new area and guess where it is... North Carolina!! haha im not even in Tennessee anymore! My area is Waynesville North Carolina. I am a little over 2 hours away from knoxville! I love it here so much! i am in the mountains which is really different from knoxville. The ward i am serving in is a little tiny ward that has about 60 people there each week. The people here are so sweet and they love the missionaries!! My new companion is Sister Nelson. She is from Ogden :) i knew her before and we have served around each other so i was so happy to be with her!! we have like the same personality so that will be really good! She goes home in february so i will only be with her for 6 weeks :( I have learned so much from her already! Tomorrow i will be giving my first training as a Sister Training Leader... it will be 45 minutes and there will be about 30 missionaries there! im really nervous for that, but im sure it will be fine! This area has alot going on right now. A few weeks ago sister nelson and her companion tracted into a guy named George he is about 45. he was leaving his house and he said that his wife was in the hospital and that he needed to go see her but told them to come back on thursday. When they went back he wasnt home and they kind of forgot about him. Well a few weeks later they remembered him and wanted to go try again. When they got there he said that his wife had passed away and the reason he wasnt there that thursday was because he was at her funeral... He told them that he really needed god and that he wanted them to teach him and his 15 year old son. They taught him the first 2 lessons and invited him to be baptized on Jan 31. I got here and we taught him lesson 3 and he told us that he has been praying about his baptism and he got him answer that he should be baptized on the 31st! he came to church yesterday and loved it! He introduced himself in priesthood and said hi im george and im getting baptized on the 31st :) he is so awesome!! we are teaching him every night this week and he is taking us out to dinner. The lord definitely prepared him to meet the missionaries that day! He is really interested in the work for the dead, because he knows that this is true and he wants to be baptized for his wife when that time comes. Pray for him!!! Well thats about all for this week. I love my new area and i love my new companion. I am so grateful for this time to be a missionary! im sad its going by so fast. thanks for everything! Love Sister Leifson :)

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