Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another great Week..

This week has been really great! Last week was a little bit rough... we didn't see much success, but this week was much better! We had our zone meeting this week and we got to watch a sneak preview of the movie, Meet the Mormons! it was so good! You all need to take a friend (who is not a member) to go see it! It is awesome :) We were able to find 4 new investigators this week! So a few weeks ago we met a man named Dwight. He is really interested in the church because he isn't happy with his church and he is looking for somewhere new to go. We got to see him this week and teach him the restoration! He really liked it and was super interested. It was funny because this week me and sister clove got to teach our first lesson together to an investigator and so we hadn't really practiced and we didn't really know each others teaching styles but we taught and it went so good and after he just talked about how we were such good teachers together! haha he is so awesome! Also this week.. I had the feeling to go visit the Mays family on Saturday. We don't usually get in to see them but we decided to try anyway. The mom is a member but her husband and 2 sons are not members. The sons are 25 and 30. We met them a few weeks ago and they wanted us to start teaching them. When we went on Saturday Sister Mays was outside and when we walked up she said that her son died on Thursday of a drug overdose.. it was so sad! we were able to go in and talk to her and her husband. That was really sad! When we left we decided to knock some doors in her neighborhood so we did and on the 3rd house a man opened the door about 6 inches and said no im not interested! We tried to talk to him a little bit but he acted like he didn't have time. Well he had a sign on his door that said "a golfer and his best score live here" so I said "You like to golf?" and he opened the door a few more inches and said yes, do you? and I said yes I love golfing! and he swung the door right open and said well then come in I have something you would like to see... And he took me to the bathroom and it was all decorated in golf stuff hahah then he proceeded to give me some tips on golfing and where the best places are to golf in Tennessee. We got talking a little bit more and I mentioned that we were from Utah and he said "UTAH?" Then I have something else you would like to see hahahah and he showed us all of his skiing and snowboarding stuff and told us that he has always wanted to go to Utah because of the snow. We sat down with him and he let us teach him. He is a really awesome guy and he is so funny! I am so glad that he had that sign on his door because I know that If I wouldn't have said that we would have never gotten in to teach him. when we left I asked him why he let us in and he said that he could tell there was something different about us, and he wanted to know what it was. Im so glad we met him! We got to go to watch the general womens broadcast and it was so good! im so excited for general conference!! :) Im so grateful for this opportunity I have to be serving the Lord. I love my mission so much! Serving in the South is really hard and not what I was used to in the Philippines but i have learned so much being out here. I hope you all have a great week! Love Sister Leifson :)

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