Monday, August 11, 2014

An EXCITING Week !!!!

This week has been pretty good. I have a couple cool stories! So we got a new investigator this week. We were tracting and he invited us in and told us that his son died just 2 months ago. he hadn't heard from him in a couple days and he went to his apartment and found him dead in his bed. He never really said what happened, he was only 27. But we were able to share the Plan of Salvation and he agreed with all of it. He is such a great guy. His name is John, keep him in your prayers! He told us we could come back anytime so hopefully he will come to church sometime.
So in May when I was in Pellissippi we ran into a guy that was in the YSA ward and he gave us $25 to get dinner and he was so nice but we never even caught his name! so for 3 months now I have felt bad that I was never able to really thank him. well this week we stopped at a less actives house and this young guy answered and I felt like he was really familiar but I didn't know why. We left and I asked Sister Roundy what ward he was in and she said the YSA ward and immediately I knew where I had seen him. So we turned around and went back to the house and knocked again and I said " im sure this is really random but I have seen you before somewhere" and he said ya I gave you $25 a couple months ago! hahah I was so happy I found him so I could thank him! It was so crazy that I actually ran into him. So cool :)
We are teaching an 8 year old right now her name is Maddie. she lives with her aunt and she brings her to church. The mom was a member but were pretty sure she got ex communicated so maddie might be a convert baptism! We cant find the moms records so were not sure yet. But we asked her to pray about a baptism date and when we saw her yesterday she said September 13 :) im so happy for her! My favorite Senior couple left this week. ;( They are the ones that served in the Philippines on a couples mission and he served there when he was 19, We had a special connection. They live in bountiful so I will see them again! 
Something really sad happened this week tho... So in Pellissippi I was visiting a Less Active couple Bro and Sis Plaas. They were only LA because of health problems. They both served missions in the Netherlands and He was the first stake patriarch in the Knoxville stake like 50 years ago. They have been like my grandparents. we would visit twice a week and they are just the sweetest couple ever. Well brother plaas has been the sick one for years and about 2 weeks ago he had to get moved to a rest home/rehab place, and sister plaas was having her knee replaced so they would be in the same place for recovery. Well we went and saw her the day after her surgery and they both seemed to be doing okay. I told her I was getting transferred and She told me how much she has loved getting to know me and some really spiritual things and I just cried because I didn't want to leave and not see them again. Well a couple days later sister plaas had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. Brother Moss called and told me and I just cried!! I have grown so close to her. She was in a coma until last firday and then she passed away Friday night. I got the call and I was really sad, I felt like I was loosing my own grandma. Brother Plaas doesn't want to live with out her so he told the dr. that he doesn't want any medicine to help any of his health problems he just wants to go when its his time. Her funeral will be this Saturday and President Griffin gave me permission to go to it. pray for Brother Plass and their children! Well I hope you all have a great week!!
  • Love Sister Leifson :)   

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