Monday, July 7, 2014

Baptism Day

Wow this week was just amazing! DAVID GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! :) :) :) :) it was the best thing ever! So on Wednesday he had his interview with our district leader and our district leader just couldn't believe how ready he was! He truly was prepared and ready for the gospel. He was baptized by a man in our ward Brother Moss, who he has been close to since the beginning. It was so awesome! there was so many ward members there to support him! Then he bore his testimony and the spirit was so strong! He got confirmed yesterday and it was just so neat to be able to be apart of it! he is going to be the means of bringing lots of other people to the church. They just cant wait to go to the temple :) They might go out of the country and I told them I will fly anywhere I need to to be there :) This week was the 4th of July and we got permission to stay out till 10 30 so a member took us to Chilis to eat then David and Bethany asked us to go downtown with them to watch the fireworks! We were so excited!! I seriously love them so much :) So it was Wednesday and we knew that the new mission president was here but we weren't sure when we would get to meet him. so were at the church for davids interview and I went down the hall to get a drink and this nice looking guy come walking sown the hall towards me and he had a missionary name tag on but I just thought he was like a welfare missionary or something so I just kept walking and he comes up to shake my hand and I was like... hi? then I looked and his name tag and it was PRESIDENT GRIFFIN!! hahahaha I was so embarrassed! I was not expecting him to be there. He is so awesome!!!!!! he is going to be so great! I already love him so much and sister griffin is great too :) We had a zone meeting and they came and interviewed us and introduced themselves to us, it was so fun! Im so glad I get to be here with them for 10 more months! Im so grateful to be on a mission especially here in Tennessee :) The people here are so great and I don't ever want to leave! Hopefully I can come back and live here :) Well I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support!

Love Sister Leifson :)

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