Tuesday, May 6, 2014

hello everyone

Hello! Before I forget... Happy Mothers Day Mom I Love You :) And to all my other moms! And happy late birthday to Jake and Jordan :) This week was really good! Every Tuesday we go and volunteer at the Bishop Storehouse.. its so much fun! This week we are going to take one of our Less actives with us, she has never been there before. This week we went to a members house for dinner and they lived like 25 minutes away.. We got there and literally they live in a mansion. Its by far the nicest house I have ever seen in my whole life! But it was awkward because we ate really fancy weird food and you had to have really good manners haha but it was fun to go there. Our ward had a Mormon prom and it was at their house so they went all out! it was so pretty! We taught one of our potential investigators this week named Osama and he is muslum so he doesn't even believe in Christ and the whole time he was trying to convert us to his religion! im starting to wonder if he is secretly a muslum missionary! We had our last district meeting lunch before transfers and we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings :) It was really fun! Then we were driving and we stopped at a red light and there was a pizza guy next to us with his window down and I told my companion to unroll the window and give him a restoration pamphlet! haha so she did! it was so funny :) On Saturday we got our transfer call and sister brown is getting transferred. So it will be me and sister sellers for probably one more transfer and then I will get a new companion and lead this area! We had stake conference this week and it was so good! it was all about missionary work and getting members to the temple more often! W also got to listen to a CES fireside and M Russell Ballard was the speaker! It was SO good!! The work right now is pretty slow... We spend a lot of time trying to find more investigators, but we have a lot of Less actives and part member families to work with! Im hoping to help this area progress this transfer!! and hopefully have some baptisms :) This area hasn't had a baptism since December so im hoping to change that! My Commitment for y'all this week is to go on to lds.org and watch Elder Ballards CES broadcast! It talks mostly to the youth but its beneficial for anyone. He talks about 3 main points, 1.Dangers of social media 2. Avoiding pornography and 3. Marriage and families. I hope y'all have a great week! Thanks for all the love and support! Love Sister Leifson :)

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