Monday, February 24, 2014

What an Amazing week :)

Hello Everyone :) 
So this past week i have been assigned in Bacolod 1st ward. It has been so fun to meet more people and to be in another ward. This week was a little weird being in a tri sum becuase its really hard to teach with three people but it has been really fun. I LOVE being back with sister moser. On thursday we had a member that wanted to work with us so the member went with sister cinco and me and sister moser taught together and it was so much fun! We couldnt believe that we were in the Philippines together teaching the gospel in Hiligaynon! haha we just kept thinking about how much we have progressed since teaching together at the MTC haha. So i had my 5 baptisms!! :) It was the most AMAZING thing ever!! they were all just so happy and greatful for the missionaries and the gospel in their lives. As they bore their testimonies i just cried because i know that i was sent to that area to help those 5 people get baptized, and that my work in the Sta. Fe area was over. I am so greatful i was able to go and to be a part of that special day!! So the read transfers aretomorrow but im not sure of im transferring or not, but you will find out next week. Also something really embarrasing happened to me this week... I was getting out of the jeepney and everyone gets out of the back there is like a little door thing without a door and there is a step and it was further down than i thought and i literally fell out of the jeepney and it was in the middle of the road and everyone in the jeepney jumped out to help me! hahah i was so embarrassed but i couldnt stop laughing! i have a bruise the size of a baseball on my butt but oh well! haha "everything is more fun in the Philippines!" I hope you all have a great week and remember that we are all missionaries!! I love you all :) 
Love sister Leifson :) 
P.S congrats to Jen for getting baptised!!! thats so exciting.:)
and Mom stop worring!! The doctor gave me medicine Im feeling better. Im in the Lords hands.:)  

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