Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Everyone :)

Hello everyone! 
This week was good! We were suppose to have a baptism on Feb 15 for sister Lani but her husband wont let her... :( she just told us last night and i literally cried.. i love her so much and she is so ready but her husband is totally against it. But i have faith that the lord will prepare a way for her to be baptized. We are still going to teach her and she can still come to church she just cant get baptized yet. Keep her in your Prayers! We have 2 families prepared to get baptized on the 22 so hopefully everything works out with them. One of our families was suppose to be baptized onMarch 1 for my birthday but its stake conference so we cant :( we moved it to the 22 tho! The work is moving along really good! This is my last week with sister ang so next week i will have another new companion. Im pretty excited! yesterday i went on member splits and i was with a member who barly spoke any english so i had to speak all illongo but it was good! i had to teach everything but it was such a good experience. i was able to speak to them and understand the language so good! keep praying for me that i will have the gift of tongues! I love you all and hope you are all doing good! My testimony grows every single day! keep reading the Book of Mormon and you will be blessed! 
Love Sister Leifson :) 
Here in the philippines at the grocery store if they dont have enough money to give you your change they give you mentos instead of pesos! hahaha

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