Thursday, November 14, 2013

Half Way Done! Hey everyone! The MTC is seriously amazing i know i have said that a million ... Linzi Leifson to me Hey everyone! The MTC is seriously amazing i know i have said that a million times but it really is! i wish all of you could experience a few days here its so great :) when we got here our zone had been here for 3 weeks. They leave on monday and i am so sad! we have the best zone ever! The elders who are going to Tacloban are getting reassigned to Manilla until it is safe enough to let them go there. So now its only going to be my district of 9 until next Wednesday and we will be getting like 40 more missionaries. That means that my Elders will be the new zone leaders and then they will pick a companionship to be the new Sister Training Leaders :) I would love to get picked for that! Im gonna miss our zone so much!! So my back is still bugging me.. i have been going to Physical Therapy but it hasn't helped much. I got a blessing today for my district leader and it was so great! it was his first blessing ever so he was really nervous but the Spirit was so strong, he did an amazing job! We had a neat experience a few days ago..Me and my companion were at dinner and they have investigators here and some of them are just pretending but some of them really are investigating the church. So one of these investigators randomly sat by us so we started talking to her, we found out she is not a member and she is really investigating the church! we asked her about what the missionaries had taught her so far and she told us about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We were able to bare our testimonies to her about what we knew (in english) and it was amazing! She said she wished we could teach her because she wanted to be taught by Sisters so we told her we would! We met with her and just let her ask any questions she had about the gospel and we answered them for her! it was such an amazing experience, i hope we helped her! We have still been visiting her and teaching her but its hard because we have 2 other investigators that were trying to focus on. But we love her :) This week was the first week that we did a whole 45 minute lesson in hiligaynon with NO NOTES!! it is so amazing. you really realize how much you know when you dont rely on notes and you let the spirit help you teach. We had our Tuesday night devotional with L. Tom Perry! It was so neat to have him right there with us! He talked for the first 10 minutes about the storm in the Philippines and all that they were doing to get the missionaries safe. He told us that Missionaries had tickets to get on the plane but people were paying large sums of money for a seat so they never got on the plane, as they were waiting there was an army guy who had a plane and he asked the missionaries what they were doing and they told him they didnt make it on their flight and he said "well what are you waiting for? Hop in!" he made 3 trips to Manilla and back to get the missionaries to safety. What an amazing guy! He talked all about companionships and how important they are it was an amazing talk! So im sure you all know about the storm, our teachers keep us updated everyday. We have seriously prayed so much for those people and hope they are doing okay. It is such a hard time for them but now they are going to be extremely humble and willing to hear our message. Im so grateful for the opportunity i have to go there and serve! Funny story.. When i was at PT i saw Trish and Ryli's grandma and grandpa Keetch! hahah it was so fun to see them :) Well my half way mark was on Tuesday.. i cant believe i am almost done here! Well thats all for this week! i hope to hear from everyone soon! Love you all :) Love Sister Leifson

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