Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I love Being A Missionary

This week i got to go on exchanges with my favorite sister.. Sister Lundberg :) she is from Provo so im super excited to hang out with her when we get home. So we are still teaching the Golden Boys. We had a really good lesson with them this past week. They are so cute and they love coming to church! Hopefully their mom will let them get baptized soon! Also we are teaching their Grandma Arlene. She has been baptist her whole life but she has never really been content with the things she was learning, we taught the restoration and she agreed with all of it and was very interested in the Book of Mormon. She has been reading and studying alot. This past week we taught her the Plan of Salvation, which answers 3 questions.. where did i come from? why and i here? and where will i go after this life? as we told her that she said that she had always wanted to know the answers to those questions, but no one could ever answer her. We started to teach about the pre earth life and she said that no one had ever taught her that we lived with god before we came here, but it was always something that she believed. Then we talked about the spirit world and she said that her preachers always told her that after we die we go to heaven or hell, then we get judged then we go back to heaven or hell. but i explained that that wouldnt make sence to go to heaven or hell before you were even judged and she said well i never really agreed with that, but its what i have always been taught. it was a very neat lesson to teach her the truths of the gospel. i love this gospel that we get to share with others who dont know about it. She is such a great lady, she just had never heard the truth until now. Hopefully she will accept a baptism date this week. Pray for her! Ruth is doing great her baptism was wonderful :) George is great as always! He is trying to get me to extend my mission and stay longer haha or he just wants me to move back to North Carolina which i would LOVE to do :) i love it here so much!! We have also been working on finding the less actives that no one knows. Yesterday we went to this guys house to find him and he literally lived on the side of the mountain and we had to drive up there.. pretty sure you were suppose to have 4 wheel drive but we did it anyways and it was so scary! haha but we found him and he said he has lived there for 10 years and no one from the church has been there. He has a wife and 2 kids that are not members. i was so happy that we decided to go find him. Hopefully they will start coming back to church! This week we have a zone meeting so me and my companion will be training at it so we are pretty excited :) we will be training about member missionary work.. so im going to invite all of you to get in contact with the missionaries in your area and help them with their missionary work! you can go to a lesson with them, give them rides, feed them or let them teach one of your friends :) the lord will bless us as we strive to further His work! Have a good week! Love Sister Leifson :)

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