Tuesday, March 24, 2015

best news ever !!! NO more driving... now my companion has to :):)

This week has been really good! So best news of the week... Im not the driver anymore!!! :) i have been driving for 6 transfers in a row! thats 36 weeks.. i am so sick of driving. So the mission has a rule that missionaries arent allowed to drive their last transfer so i asked president if Sister beckstead could start driving 2 weeks early and he said yes :) I have gotten alot of practice tho so im a really good driver now :) So the leadership in our ward is really weird right now, like our bishop is going on this sabbatical for a year and he has only been the bishop for 6 months so he is getting released and we are getting a new bishop. Also we got a new ward mission leader!! :) our old one just wasnt really into the whole missionary thing. We would come to church on sunday to meet with him and he would be asleep on the couch.. it was rough, but the one we have now was the bishop 6 months ago and he is the most missionary minded person in the ward :) we are super excited to have him!! So the Golden boys are doing great! just pray that their mom lets them get baptized. Also their grandma Arlene is doing great! she is making so much progress :) We had zone meeting last week and it was really good. We had to role play teaching president on what he just taught us in front of the whole zone haha it was kinds scary but it went good :) We have 2 exchanges set up for this week so we should be really busy! Yesterday me and sister beckstead spoke in church and it went really good. Guess what i spoke on... the Book of Mormon :) im pretty sure that is something i learned from this awesome guy names Brother Dickerson :) haha but ya it went good! George is doing awesome as usual. He is doing home teaching with different men in the ward because he likes it so much.. he said he just wants to help people come back to church! we will see great things from him in the future :) Well thats about all for this week! hope you all have a good week :) Love Sister Leifson :)

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