Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loving my Mission

This week has been really great :) Monday i went to Marion for exchanges and guess who i was with... Lily Gill... she was in our ward when we lived by the Martins! crazy huh? i knew she was here but i didnt realize she was in my zone. It was really fun to go with her :) Tuesday night we had to stay the night with the Asheville sisters because we had a stake correlation meeting with the stake president and the mission president, and we had a zone meeting on wednesday so we just stayed there to save miles. Our zone meeting was so awesome! Funny story for the week... These people in our ward have like 50 pets that live inside their house, one of them is a full grown chicken that just walks around the house... Well we went to visit them and we were just standing there and the chicken flew up and landed right on my shoulder and just sat there! hahhaa i thought i was going to die! it was so gross!! So Ruth is doing good. We taught her 3 times this past week. She is really receptive. She will be baptized the first part of march! Kris came to church again yesterday. We are hoping to have him baptized in march as well :) we had a really cool experience this week with someone we tracted into. her name is juanita. We knocked on her door and she told us that her husband was a member so she let us in, but he hadnt been practicing for a long time so she didnt really know anything about mormons. We got to know her a little bit and she shared a story with us about her having some complications during child birth and that she had a very sacred experience on the other side of the veil. She talked about how she saw christ and he had a lamb by his feet and he was just really bright and glorious. she got really emotional and the spirit was really strong. We taught the restoration and when we got to joseph smiths first vision we had her read it out of the pamphlet and she couldnt even finish it because she was crying so hard. She just knew that what he saw really happened because of the experience she had. It was so awesome. Before we left she asked us a question that she had been wondering about for a long time and we were able to answer her question using the BOM and she was just crying so hard. She really felt the power of the BOM. We committed her to be baptized and she said yes, we arent sure where her husbands records are so we are trying to find them. Such a neat experience for us! George is doing great! he took us out for ice cream a couple night ago :) also on valentines day we were just doing our studies and someone knocked on the door and it was a florist and he had 2 bouquets of flowers and they were from George!!! :) he is so good to us! we love him :)on Wednesday D. Todd Christofferson is coming to our mission for a mission conference :) we are so excited!! It will be really awesome :) well i hope you all have a good week! 
Love Sister Leifson :) 

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