Monday, January 26, 2015

I love North Carolina

Hello everyone! This week has been so great! So last week i told you about our investigator George who is preparing for baptism. He came to church last sunday and we set up appts to see him every night of the week :) He is done with all the lessons and is doing great! He just finished 4th nephi in the Book of Mormon!! and he started reading in the Doctrine and Covenants! When we were meeting with him we were talking about baptism and he told us that he has attended tons of different churches but he never agreed with any of them enough to get baptized. Thats very unusual for people in the south... they usually all get baptized when they are babies. He is so excited to be baptized into a religion that he completely agrees with what is taught! on thursday he took us out to eat and he brought us each a present. They were hand made scarves that he had his neighbor make for us :) it was so nice!! He came to church yesterday and they announced his baptism for saturday at 10am :) he is so excited! and so are we! So the family that has been fellowshipping him is Brother and sister Lusk. They dont have any kids yet and they are in their late 20's. Brother Lusk served a mission but this past year was less active. He was loosing his testimony because he stopped doing the little things like church, scripture study and prayer. Well when we asked to have the lessons at their house we knew they would be willing but what we didnt know was how big of an impact it would have on brother Lusk. This past 2 months he has been coming to church and trying to be better. A few days ago his wife came to us crying and thanked us for picking them to fellowship george. after having the lessons in their home it really brought the spirit and helped brother Lusk realize what he had been missing our on for the past few months. Last Sunday he went and got his temple recommend renewed that he had let expire for the past year. Last night George asked Brother Lusk to baptize him and he was so grateful that he was worthy to perform that ordinance. So many blessings come from missionary work!! It is so neat to see how the lord works and how his hand is in this work. We had no idea why we picked the Lusks to fellowship them because they have nothing in common, but heavenly father knew what Brother Lusk needed. Such a miracle :) This past tuesday i did my first training at zone meeting and it went really well! Tomorrow i will be going on my first exchange with the sisters in Franklin. Im really excited :) We got a text yesterday that said on Feb 17 we will be having D. Todd Christofferson come to our mission for a mission conference :) im so excited for that!! I am loving North Carolina and the people here! i will most likely be here for my last 2 transfers! i am so grateful to be here and to be doing the lords work, I have learned so much that i would have never been able to learn anywhere else. Thanks for all your love and support! Love Sister Leifson :)

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