Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I love my Mission

This week was so great!! So this Wednesday is transfers. Sister Roundy will be getting transferred and I will be getting a new companion. So right now I am in West Hills ward and there is a companionship of Sisters and Elders in the ward, Well the the Elders area is getting whitewashed (meaning 2 brand new missionaries in the area) The elder that was here before was in this area for 9 months!! He was waiting for his Visa to go to Brazil and he has been in our mission for 14 months. He got his visa a few weeks ago and he leaves tomorrow. So my ward will be getting 3 new missionaries and I have only been here for one transfer so im pretty much new too haha so it will be interesting! Also when I got here our ward mission leader had just got a calling in the stake so he was doing two callings until they could get a new one, so this past transfer we haven't really had a ward mission leader but we just got a new one yesterday! His name is Brother Devore, they are a young couple from California. He will be great :) MADDIE GOT BAPTIZED!!! She was so excited! So she had to get interviewed by our district leader and she was so scared.. well she went in and he left the door open and I wanted to listen to it! So he started asking the questions and he was like what do you remember about the Word of Wisdom? he said its a list of things that we shouldn't put into our bodies and she was like "Oh! Tylenol!" hahaha he tried not to laugh and said no... Tylenol is okay for us then a minute later she said "oh... I mean to say Alcohol" it was so cute!! She remembered everything we taught I was so proud of her :) The baptism went really good! Her aunt who was less active before was re activated since she has been bringing Maddie to church and she pretty much planned the whole program so that was nice! After Maddie came out of the water and got dressed she came up to us and said "that was fun! can I do it again?" haha I love her so much! So this week since it was fast Sunday President Griffin told us that he wanted to have all the missionaries do a mission wide fast! So Saturday night every missionary in my mission got onto a conference call and president griffin shared a spiritual message then started out fast with a prayer. He wanted us to fast for a couple things. First, for all of the investigators/ people in our mission that have not received the gospel and second, for all of the members in our wards. that we will be able to work with them and that they will trust the missionaries with their friends and family. It was so awesome to feel the spirit as an entire mission. Also he encouraged every missionary to bare their testimony and tell the ward what we were fasting for. It was such an amazing fast Sunday! I love President Griffin so much! He is such an amazing mission president! Im so grateful I was able to come to this mission! :) I hope you all have a good week! Love Sister Leifson :)

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