Thursday, April 17, 2014

Im leaving Manilla very sick

After spending 10 days trying to get better so I could return to Bacolod, I was told I needed to go to American where they could treat me with better medicine.I was so sad but so Sick. I traveled alone which was a bit scary but I was on the Lords time so i was so protected..I arrived in SLC March 7th. Mom took me straight o the ER where they began running alll kinds of tests I had more blood drawn than ever in my lifeI did every test they asked me to including a Colon Oscopy  yuck...never again for 30 more years..I experiences so many tender Mercies. the 5 weeks I was home.. I got a new Stake President and he called me in I had my Medical Release Form from my Dr releasing me to go back on a Mission. I had My letter written and told him what he needed to do. My papers were sent to the Missionary  Dr. then they were sent to Missionary Committing then they were prayerd about and 2 days later I got a phone call from my St. President saying i was needed in Knoxville Tennessee and i needed to be there in 5 days..iM so happy. I thought Tennessee would be a fun place to go before I got my call to the Philippines. I loved the Philippines so greatful to have learned their language and got to preach the Gospel in Illigona..the Filipino  people touched my life forever.  Well So im off to Tennessee so I will write on P day. love you alll and thanks for all the prayers and visits.i HAVE  the best family and friends ever..LOVE YOU All    

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