Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello Family

Hello Family :)
I hope you all had a great Christmas :) It was so neat being in the
mission field for Christmas! You really focus on the true meaning of
Christmas. On Christmas Eve we got invited over for dinner at a
members house for the first time since i have been here. Im pretty
sure me and my companion both got food poisoning...Christmas day we
went out to teach and we were out for about 30 minutes and we both
felt so sick! We spent Christmas day in bed sick.. it was not fun, but
were feeling much better now :) Nothing too exciting happened this
week, it was a really busy week with Christmas so we didnt have alot
of time. I had my first exchanges with the sister training leader
Sister Person, It was fun i learned alot! We went to our area called
site the other day and we wanted to read some scriptures and stuff
before we started teaching so we sat down on this bench.. next thing
we know, there were literally 25-30 children around us. There were at
least half that were old enough to be baptized so we taught them about
the restoration and taught them how to pray hahaha it was seriously
the weirdest moment of my life. There i am in the middle of the
Philippines on a bench teaching 30 Filipino kids about the gospel. it
was so much fun :) Also this week we taught the Mortales family and
all 5 of them committed to be baptized!! Were so excited for them :)
Funny story, the other day we were teaching in the bamboo huts and we
always go to the furthest away house first and then come back to the
other houses. We did that but little did we know that someone died
there and Filipinos have a weird superstition that if you walk past
the house of the person that died you bring bad spirits with you, so
as we came back to teach our other investigators they knew we passed
the house of the dead person and literally NO ONE would let us in
their house!! We had to go to our different area for the rest of the
day haha it was so weird! This week its New Years and Filipinos are
really into Fireworks. President Lopez is making all the missionaries
be in their houses at 5:00pm new years even and new years day because
its so dangerous with all the fireworks. Im a little nervous about it
haha but we will be fine! Well i hope everyone had a good Christmas. I
Love my mission and im so grateful im here. I encourage you to all
strengthen your relationship with Christ. Read 3 Nephi 11-28 This is
about the 3 days Christ spent in the Americas. I have learned so much
about Christ and how we can become more like him. I love you all and
hope to hear from you soon!
Love Sister Leifson :)

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